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Mental Flexibility Development Workshops

Gain an understanding of how people form judgments and explore your own individual preferences in judgment-formation through your DPS Report. Learn how to apply the mental flexibility model to real world situations and plan to grow your strengths in the use of three different modes of information processing.

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Mental Flexibility Coaching Program

Get a thorough debrief of your DPS Report and receive expert, evidence-based coaching advice on how to build your information processing strengths in making better choices and delivering consistently good decisions in leadership, team member roles, when working with others, and in life situations.

Team Mental Flexibility Development Workshops

Understand how each member of your team prefers to process information in forming judgements, making choices, and solving problems using the Group DPS Report. Improve the speed and effectiveness of your team's problem solving, decision making 'across the desk' and in virtual team settings where team members are physically separate from one another, or diversity in teams having different cultural backgrounds, calls for tailored approaches to information processing.

better decisions mean better results